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Zago Molds

Emotive video / case study

Studio scene of moulds in motion

We played with materials, light, shadow, lasers

FRAGMENTAL joined forces with the CODES Creative team to craft a intro animation for the release of the new ZAGO Molds website. ZAGO has been co-creating and manufacturing high-quality moulds tested with the most recent injection technologies.

That's why their products have been inspiring footwear manufacturers all over the world since 1958.

Form in motion with lasers representing technicality and precision

Lasers are representing technicality and precision

Form is made from transparent blocks

Creation of form

Lasers to represent technicality and precision

B-roll scene — animation frame

Emotive animation for audience engagement

It's like an eye magnet. Laser is a line that guides you through the product, a visual line associated with a sense of precision. Because making molds is engineering, a combination of knowledge, physics and the feeling of love.


Gallery space with displayed Zago forms

Zago Molds - Gallery View / Untold story

We chose to create a gallery space, as an initial idea. A space whose aim is to preserve a tradition. The products were exhibited as sculptures. As an art to be looked up to with respect. Finally, we switched to a minimal type of presentation.

Reveal from Aluminum block

Reveal from Aluminum block — future form is visible in the transparent block

Inner part of the mold, detail

Detail, inner part of the mold

The project shows the product from the cutting of the mold, the connection. The epoxy transparent mold allowed us to see inside and show the aluminum cutouts before emerging from the mold.

duct story

Scene shot, creation of form

Creation of form

Highlighting the precision of the production of products manufactured by ZAGO was achieved by inserting laser beams, which add color, depth and feeling to the animation - they enliven the scene, attract the eye's attention while maintaining the minimalism of the scene.

Instrument assembly

Instrument assembly


Emotive video

Lasers representing technicality

Lasers are representing technicality
and precision

Final closing scene

Final closing scene. Lasers are representing technicality and precision.
Sound design helped to create high-pitched noises, to attract attention to laser movement.

The form as an object of desire

Emotional animations project the product in
the best light, in all industries.


Codes Creative
for ZAGO Molds


    Art Direction

    3D animation

    Video editing

3D Mould model:

ZAGO Molds



by Jess Ellen