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The play

Generation PLAY Leading the Way. We bring your vision and mission to life through creative and engaging visual storytelling in a manner that fuels curiosity.

Just press play — 3D CGI scene

The power
of motion

How did we decide to go this route, though? For one, we started playing—literally.

As we let our creativity fly on these new branding ideas, the stories began to write themselves. Once the storyboards took shape under the guidance of our creative team, it became clear who was leading the way: Generation PLAY.


Power of Motion Unlocked, by Fragmental

Video content helps you build a stronger brand relationship with your audience. Grab viewer attention and convey your message in a visually pleasing way.

3D tracking, VFX, color grading - Unico Modular

Power of Motion Unlocked, by Fragmental — Unico Modular, Codes Creative

ZSE Going Green Campain Logo - Intro Video

ZSE Going Green Campain — ZSE, Codes Creative


Frutree logo replacement

Frutree B2C video — Frutree logo replacement, Codes Creative

Artra, behind the scenes

Artra, behind the scenes, video — Codes Creative


Frutree logo reveal, motion graphics

Wayfinding — Codes Creative

We're the next generation in creative branding. We streamline your story to create the ultimate user experience, moving objects, vectors, texts and images across space and time.

Our work is for leaders, by leaders—let us take your ideas and bring them into the physical space.

Advanced Screen replacement

in motion

It grabs their initial attention and then proceeds to supply information in a visually pleasing way in order to ensure the viewer doesnʼt immediately bounce.

Employee Forum, animation — ZSE, Codes Creative

Here are main types of Motion Graphics we can create: Animated Typography, Advanced Animated Titles, Animated Logos, Animated Graphic Loops, Animated Explainer Videos, Product Animations, UI/UX Animations, Animated Ads.

In the world of video editing, motion tracking is a process of tracking the movements of an object within a scene. Once the movement trajectory has been tracked, it can be applied to any other object that initially was not in a video: a piece of text, an image, an icon, a mask, captions - and practically any clipart.

iamge Power of Motion Unlocked, by Fragmental — Unico Modular, Codes Creative

Visual effects (sometimes abbreviated VFX) is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking and video production. The integration of live-action footage and other live-action footage or CGI elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX

Record and edit video and sound projects, including selecting program format for final output, capturing/importing media, organizing raw media, color correction, color grading, editing footage and sound files, creating and inserting static and motion graphics, titling, adding music/voice-over/sound effects, media management and archiving project media